Endocannabinoid control of glial energy metabolism in health and disease


The CannaMetHD Incubator aims at consolidating the ongoing transborder collaboration between the Lead Researchers targeting endocannabinoid-modulation of astroglial cells and expanding the collaborative work between both laboratories to the analysis of oligodendrocyte CB1 receptors as regulators of mitochondrial function and cellular bioenergetics in health and disease.

Oligodendrocytes are metabolically active cells that myelinate and provide trophic support to neurons and other cells of the central nervous system. Recent work has also shown that oligodendrocytes are involved in learning and memory, remodeling of neuronal circuits, and supporting axonal function and health, all of which rely, at least in part, on the metabolic functions of these cells. The Team under the supervision of SM at the UPV/EHU provides preliminary results in culture cells suggesting that CB1 receptors inhibit oligodendrocyte mitochondrial respiration and glycolysis with potential implications in brain physiology as well as in the behavioral effects of cannabinoid compound.


UPV/EHU - Department of Neurosciences

Susana MATO

  • Senior Researcher - Faculty of Medicine and Nursery, Department of Neuroscience
Université de Bordeaux - NeuroCentre Magendie


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