Transborder Laboratory for Human Evolution


The Transborder Laboratory for Human Evolution (HumEvol) brings together specialists from different departments of the University of the Basque Country and from PACEA (UMR 5199) of the University of Bordeaux. This collaboration started in 2014 on different aspects of Human Evolution and since then, research perimeter has extended to the evolution of landscapes and cultures in a larger chronological time frame. HumEvol is a multidisciplinary group of paleoanthropologists, archaeologists, geologists, paleontologists, and engineers that work in the following main research lines:

-The description of new human fossil remains, using both traditional and cutting-edge methodologies, trying to understand past human variation and evolution.

-the geological context and landscape evolution of archaeo-paleontological sites.

-the relationship between biological diversity, chronology and cultural diversity (funerary and material) in recent Prehistory.

-the relationship between genetic data and morphological data in recent prehistoric populations.


University of the Basque Country

Asier Gómez-Olivencia

  • Department of Geology
University of Bordeaux

Christine Couture-Veschambre