LTC Call for proposals

The LTC 2024 call for proposals is now open
Research groups interested in submitting their LTC proposal can find all the information here.
Deadline for submission of proposals : April 8, 2024


The Laboratories for Trans-border Cooperation (LTCs) are a formula for collaboration that have been  developed since 2015 in the frame of the Campus Euskampus-Bordeaux. LTCs were created to provide an institutional framework for research teams from the Basque country and from Bordeaux working together. This framework supports trans-border research communities, which involve young and senior researchers, students, and technicians that can move from one lab to the other without boundaries and share a common vision and action agendas. 


Previous history

  • An LTC comes as a significant step in the recognition of an already existing partnership, and is led by two Principal Investigators (PI) from Bordeaux and the Basque Country, respectively.

Thematic scope

  • It is also expected that LTCs shall not cover too wide scientific perimeters, but rather focus on specific research and training in a given scientific area.


  • After the four-year agreement completion, the LTC could maintain the LTC recognition/label, but without any further commitment of funding by UPV/EHU and UB. After this time, it is expected that the LTC have been able to leverage their own funding.


  • There will only be one new LTC selected per year, and it will be announced in the Euskampus Bordeaux Eguna.