Multidisciplinary approaches to Archaeological Sciences and Heritage


The main topic of research lies on the development and application of methodologies and strategies applied to the study of archaeological materials and Heritage by means of analytical techniques. Specifically, the main objective of this LTC INCUBATOR is to address the study of archaeological ceramics and historical heritage ceramic materials from an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary point of view, integrating approaches from different fields: Archaeology, Chemistry, Geology, History, Engineering. Furthermore, the objective also includes the development of methodological strategies to study archaeological ceramics with a special view on glazed ceramics, which are characteristic of the modern era period.



Javier Garcia Iñañez

  • Investigador Departamento de Geografía, Prehistoria y Arqueología
UMR 6034 Archéosciences Bordeaux (CNRS-UBM-UB)

Rémy Chapoulie

  • Full Professor of Physics in archeometry