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Workshop on Bioengineering: Bioengineering Challenges and Solutions

The LTC Incubator BioEngineering recently celebrated a Workshop on “Bioengineering Challenges and Solutions” at the ESTIA Institute of Technology, successfully addressing critical bioengineering challenges and presenting innovative solutions to enhance healthcare.

The workshop was divided into three main parts:

  1. HealthTEK Training: Participants were introduced to the HealthTEK learning contents on biomedical engineering and engaged in a unique "Play & Learn" teaching approach.
  2. Bioengineering Issues and Needs: Experts from the Côte Basque Hospital Centre and the Cluster SIVI - REVITAL project shared valuable insights on the specific needs of healthcare professionals.
  3. Technological Solutions in Bioengineering: Presentations covered groundbreaking technologies, including OROI's virtual reality applications in the medical and social sectors, GOGOA's exoskeletons designed to improve workers’ lives, TECNALIA's technology building blocks for bioengineering companies, and LOJELIS's AI use cases in healthcare.

Emerging technologies in the health sector play a crucial role as we advance towards the hospital of the future.