Health benefits of plant-derived compounds of the diet


The objective of this LTC Incubator is to promote collaborative research in the field of bioactive compounds naturally present in foods and plants, focusing on nutritional aspects and metabolic-based pathologies, linked to nutrition, such as obesity or diabetes. This research will cover various aspects, some more chemical, such as the identification of bioactive compound metabolites in body, or the development of formulations improving the bioavailability of compounds, and others more biological, such as the evaluation of their beneficial effects on health. This research will aim not only to create new knowledge, but also to transfer it to businesses and society. In addition, academic collaborations and exchanges linked to quality training are included in the activities.


Université de Bordeaux

Dr. Stéphanie KRISA

  • UMR 1366 Œnologie INRAE, Bordeaux INP, Bordeaux Sciences Agro, ISVV, Faculté des Sciences Pharmaceutiques
Universidad del País Vasco (UPV/EHU)

Dr. Maria Puy Portillo

  • Nutrition and Obesity Group. Nutrition and Food Science Area. Department of Pharmacy and Food Sciences. Faculty of Pharmacy